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Buy ME!

May. 31st, 2011 | 09:42 am

 I have not updated in the last few days because I have been busy selling myself like a cheap **** (working woman) to anyone and everyone that will listen. The good news is that I am getting calls. SInce the payroll accountant job I have had 3 interviews, all of which took place within 4 days. 

1. Financial Advisor - In this position I would be providing multiple services for various businesses on the island and new businesses coming on the island. The services would include payroll, light bookkeeping, licensing, and making sure all their state and federal forms are filed in a timely and correct fashion. I interviewed with 4 people 1 on 1 so i had to resell myself to each. Overall I think the interview went well. If they thought so too, I will get an email with an online assessment to rank my accounting knowhow and well go from there. 

2. Some kind of admin assistant?  - In this position I would be ....uh ...i dont know. Assisting people? I didnt apply for anything, but steph passed on my resume and they called me in. They are not 100% about what position they want me for either as they have a few open but for the most part they are admin positions which I am over qualified for. Not holding my breath on this one. 

3. Process analyst - In this position I would be working on the Naval base (sweet!) and would be overseeing the operations to ensure that processes are in compliance with regulations, writing guides for the processes, improving the possesses and making sure people are following them. I met with 5 people from this company and overall and awesome group. They need someone to start next week so If i got this I would probably shorten my Manila trip to weekend only so that I can start on time.

Those all happened on wednesday, friday, and saturday so I am hoping to hear back this week/ next week. Keeping my fingers crossed and still applying for more. I will keep you updated as I go. 

On other news, my Hong Kong trip is this Friday WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT *spins around in happy circles* sooo excited!

To Be Continued

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Memorial Day Sales

May. 25th, 2011 | 10:44 pm

Heres an idea for memorial day sales coming up - rather than giving 40% off, only give 20% off, and the stores commit to also giving 20% of retail value to disabled and families of disabled and fallen soldiers. This way, it doesn't cost the store any more, gives them a nice tax write off, and theres still a 20% discount to customers (because I know some people wont go in unless they are getting SOME kind of deal) and they get to walk away feeling fulfilled from their purchases and the idea that they contributed to something good. But no, lets face it, stores wont like it because their sales will drop because people wont like that the deals are not as good....nice, very nice

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May. 20th, 2011 | 06:03 pm
location: Tumon

Headin back from the beach. One of the snorkeling masks broke so tom and I just swam around in the pool. Tom was doing his push up routine on the side of the hot tub while I lounged, which was awesome because he looked like one of those ego guys who like to randomly flex their muscles to impress girls. So other guys would walk by and kinda smirk at what appeared to be him trying to impress me all around a good day.

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Sleep is for the weak!

May. 19th, 2011 | 08:14 pm

 I don't know what it is about this week, but for some reason, I haven't slept worth crap. I spend the whole night tossing an turning, whether its too warm, or uncomfortable, or Im thinking to much, or all of the above, I just wont stay asleep! And anyone who knows me knows I get a little loopy when I am lacking in the sleep. So I am going to keep this short, because the craziest things have just been falling out of my mouth and Im pretty sure that they will pour out of my finger tips. Nothing exciting has happened in the last day, so I will keep looking for cool things to report on.

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So this has what to do with payroll?

May. 18th, 2011 | 10:11 pm

 I went to an interview today, for payroll accountant at steph's company. I dont find the idea of being a payrolll accountant entirely thrilling, but the whole process is manual and needs a revamp. SO my job would be to automate the system and if i could prove myself there i could have the potential to move up. Its a good company, good benefits.  Not 100% sure if i'd want the job if offered or not, but I need to meet the controller for finance before i'd really know. 

That said controller had just come up with a test for the position that I got the be the guinea pig for. I think I did ok for having an on the spot 3 page quiz on a lot of school based accounting questions. However, while taking it i remembered the position was for a Payroll Accountant and couldn't help but wonder what creating a balance sheet, reconciling accounts, and creating a general journal entry for bad debts had anything to do with payroll. I had some knowledge of these things because I have just come from full charge bookkeeping, but considering the experience require for this position, and the job description of this position was only payroll accounting I couldn't help but feel bad for the surely intimidated applicants that are going to be called back in to take this new test.

Regardless of this possibly giving me a leg up to a job I don't even know if I want, the test is a poor evaluation tool of potential applicants as maybe only 30% of the test had anything to do with payroll. What a waste...

To Be Continued

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The channels never change

May. 17th, 2011 | 10:13 pm

 Do you know what I miss about the mainland? A varying TV schedule. Yea, I know, tropical island what do you need tv for right? Well believe it or not, it gets dark here to and when muggy rain is pouring down its not the ideal time to go out side. With that said, I cannot even begin to count how many nights I can come downstairs to find everyone watching the same thing that they have watched 4 times now in the past 2 weeks. Its maddening!

The next time I have to sit through Lady Gaga in concert I might have no choice but to run around and shriek like a lunatic until the TV stops airing it due to imposed insanity on the viewer.

Sigh, as I type this I am downstairs re-watching an episode of Game of Thrones (which by the way is a pretty cool series) and trying this. But it is getting late and Im tired, so i will catch up tomorrow

To be continued

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What? I have to buy an extra seat?

May. 16th, 2011 | 06:16 pm
mood: fullfull

 Do you know what they have a lot of in Guam? Buffets, man do they have buffets. You cant walk down the street and throw a stick without hitting some buffet restaurant sign. We have been working out almost every night just in an effort to counteract the onslaught of buffets. 

Logically, you would just control how much you eat. Just because there is enough for to feed an army doesn't mean you need to be an army of one. But no, when you stomach sees all that visual and scentiful stimulation, there is no stopping the hand to mouth actions to follow. 

Needless to say, I think I have eaten more food in the last three weeks than I would generally consume in four weeks. If it wasn't for the exercise and heat keeping me trimmed down I would have to buy 2 plane tickets to get my fat butt to vegas at this rate of food hoovering. 

To be continued...

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Concrete Walls

May. 15th, 2011 | 11:37 am
mood: predatorypredatory

 I am really having a love hate relationship with these concrete walls. Its a mixed bag really, one minute I love them, the next I want to take an over sized wrecking ball and turn them into a heap that I will then put wood on and burn while I laugh in victory. Heres what it comes down to:

The Good:
WIll protect my ass from typhoon
Keep the place cool
and best of all, I can slam the bag of ice or chicken against it to break it up without having to work about damaging it

The Bad:
My pictures wont stay tapped to the walls and you cant put tacks and nails in it without damaging

The Ugly:
It hurts like a :: explicit languauge:: when you clip a corner, or slam a toe.  

I know, i shouldnt run into it if its so hard, but lets be honest. No one would ever mistake me fore graceful

I think the wall is just striking back at me for slamming ice against it. I will get you wall....well see who has the last laugh!

To Be Continued

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Complain all you want, Technology still rocks

May. 14th, 2011 | 07:29 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

 I know that there are a lot of things that suck about the technology take over, but overall, I think it just might be worth it. Yea, I see 7 year olds playing on their Ipods rather than climbing trees like I was (or falling out of them as my sister was ahahah) and think this is so sad! The idea of kids spending their lives in cyber space rather than the real world is depressing, but thats not an absolute. At any point in time the good parent could rip that piece of technology out of their kids hand and lock them outside until they learn to do something active. I don't technology is bad, really its like a gun, useless unless someone is playing with it. Technology is addictive, but if used in moderation (sound like a dieting commercial yet?) its not a bad thing. 

All I know (well not all I know, because that would be sad, but its a saying, so I used it...) is that technology makes my life better. I am out, on an island, in the middle of an f*in ocean and just got done chatting with my pappa, and I have spent countless hours skpeing and seeing real time video of my family. So the nay saying on the interwebs can kiss it! I will goggle and skype and .com whatever else I feel like!! : P

It gets lonely on an island, the interwebs is my bff! well my 2nd or 3 bff after my blood and bones bffs of course.

That is all

To Be Continued....

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Why you don't ask the Locals

May. 13th, 2011 | 06:28 pm

 Anyone who knows me knows how much I plan for things. Sure I have moments of spontaneity but usually, even if the actions seems out of the blue, the idea has been kickin around in my brian for a while and I have researched the hell out of it usually before I really make a move. One of the most important things to research about a place before moving, at least in my opinion is: What is going to try to KILL/EAT me there?

What? Its a legitimate question! I am NOT going to move to a place if there are gaint raptors trying to bite my head off!  

Here is what I KNEW I had to worry about:

Flying Rhino Beetles - not dangerous but come on, its a big flying beetle!
Brown Tree Snakes - once again not dangerous, but they can get to 6 ft but only 1 - 2" thick and no venom sac, but snake non the less

Here is what I now KNOW about the wild life:

Cockroaches: eeewwww..... at first they were inside because the apartment was empty for weeks, but after a days of plunger extermination they are gone, from the inside.... Ill still be walking up steps at night outside and see one scurry away

Flying Rhino Beetles: Yes they are around, not in my area tho, so they mainly become creepy in parks, cool.

FREAKIN SPIDER: I put that singular because i have only seen one, but i addressed this in an earlier blog, enough said!

Brown tree snakes: I havent seen one, so Im thinkin hey,  maybe the snakes have been over played. Then I made the mistake of asking the locals. Their response: "Oh yea, I live in the south and I see them all the time. My husband just takes the garden shears an cuts their heads off and throws them over the retaining wall" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am staying out of the south!!!!!

I am spoiled from living in a relatively colder and rainier climate. Things dont get so big, but I have to accept that I cant see the world and expect that a huge can of Raid has been dropped on it to clear out the creepy crawlies. 


To Be Continued...

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